Inventory KPIs


Location-specific display of inventory and quantitative inventory KPIs

Do you want to keep track of your location-specific inventory at a glance?

Do you know the most important inventory KPIs of your products overall and per location?

Do you need a flexible calculation-setup for different purposes of comparison?

A structured overview of inventory regarding different locations, as well as a detailed result of inventory KPIs are essential for making logistical decisions. Inefficient inventory-workflows, which remain undiscovered, may have negative impact on storage costs and may lead to delivery problems.

This app enables you to keep an eye on the inventories of defined locations on the item page and/or on the item card. 

By using this app you get information about the efficiency of your locations and you can use the inventory KPIs „Average Inventory“, „Turnover Ratio“ and „Average Turnover Period“ for measuring your target achievements. 

Due to the flexible setup you are able to define the data base for calculating the values. This app supports you in planning your inventory as well as in optimizing your storage costs based on traceable inventory KPIs.

Features of using this app

  • Overview of location-specific inventories on the item page and item card
  • Location-specific display of the most important quantitative inventory KPIs
  • Productivity measurement of locations for decision-making on strategic inventory planning

Benefit from this app and use the advantages for an optimum location-specific inventory management, based on clear display and relevant inventory KPIs.

Supported editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, USA

Supported languages

The app is available in German (Austria), German (Germany), German (Switzerland) and English (US).

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