Barista-Coffee App

Barhead Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

One-stop apps for ordering and managing coffee products in real-time

The Coffee Apps – Barista and Jed’s Coffee – are two canvas apps built on Power Apps that work together in taking and processing coffee orders. The Barista app enables baristas to manage orders and materials inventory. The Jed’s Coffee app allows users to customise beverage orders without the need to go to the barista.

App Benefits:
- Manage operational and materials inventory online.
- Easily tag and update stocks available. 
- Secure customers’ data and customise orders according to preference.

The Barista and Jed’s Coffee apps are both user-friendly tablet applications built in Power Apps that can be connected to Dynamics 365 data. The Barista app is a standard coffee app made for baristas and displays order queue, order details, customers’ information and stock inventory. Jed’s Coffee uses Azure cognitive services to require identity verification via facial recognition. It creates customers’ orders and displays the available beverages with requested add-ons.

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