B&B Information Technologies Services Ltd.

A vertical solution for Tourism Sector to track end-to-end travels of the tourist.

SightseeRM applies customer centric approach to the business of travel agencies and/or services for effective planning and management.

You can define
  • flight, accommodation, ground services and excursion activities with/without tour for an agency 
  • ticket information for tourists and tour including detailed flight information with departure and arrival date.
  • accommodation and hotel details of the tourist and tour as well.
  • group , Individual or Elite Transfer for Tourist or Tour through Service Activities

You can already set Reservation, Check-In, Check-out dates with Room and Meal details.

System allows you to listen guest experiences during travel so You can create case for Tour, Flight, Hotel and much more through SightseeRM. 

Note: We support only English language. 
For other languages, please contact us.
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