Return to Workplace Platform

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Return to the Workplace platform to support staff access to safe working environments and monitoring

Our Return to the Workplace platform supports employees to access the workplace in a safe and managed way so you can reopen, return and engage with confidence.

Benefits to you and your organisation:

  • Strengthen the resilience of your people, teams and organisation to adjust and adapt no matter which stage your organisation is currently at
  • Reopen and manage physical locations
  • Return while supporting employee safety and well-being
  • Engage your teams remotely and on-site
  • Open and operate your locations responsibly to provide employees with a safer environment, while ensuring your organisation can quickly respond to and communicate, changing circumstances.
  • Protect your employees with new safety protocols and intelligently monitor the health of your entire organisation to help make data-driven decisions about who should work where.
  • Support the flow of work wherever it happens – remotely, on-site or a combination of both. 
  • Help everyone stay connected, productive and secure.

Challenges of returning to the workplace:

Are you worried your employees are scared and unsure about the return to work? 

Do you feel ill prepared to provide adequate safety supplies for your employees and workforce? 

How will you monitor air quality and reduce touchpoints?

How can you ensure an employee is healthy upon their return to work?

Are you able to monitor your employees mental and physical health? 

Are you concerned employees don't have a voice in the return to work?

To see how the Return to Workplace App can help provide the answers to these questions and more, please refer to our Return to Workplace Check list and Guide to help you.