Auto Tax Calculator in Dynamics 365 CRM - Tax Processing

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Automatic Tax Calculations and AvaTax Integration within Dynamics 365 CRM

Auto Tax Calculator enables users to calculate tax automatically within Dynamics 365 for Sales. With this productivity app, there is no further need to calculate tax manually which increases the accuracy and efficiency of users. Your taxes can be applied correctly the first time, thereby saving your time and effort during tax season.

Auto Tax Calculator is available for Dynamics 365 9.X & above. It supports Dynamics 365 On-Premises & Online.


  • Automatic Tax Calculation: Calculate tax automatically for OOB entities – Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice
  • Tax Schedules & Details: Create specific Tax Schedules and Tax Details to calculate taxes automatically
  • Country-based Tax Calculation: Apply different approach for tax calculation based on country selected by users– USA or Other.
  • AvaTax Integration: Seamless integration with AvaTax from Avalara
  • Geolocational Tax Calculation: Calculate taxes as per the rules and regulations stated for specific geographical locations using AvaTax