Lithium Community Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

аутор Lithium Technologies

Leverage social customer insights and workflows to provide great customer support

The Lithium Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector integrates Lithium online communities with your CRM for social customer care. We partnered with Microsoft Dynamics to provide you a way to consolidate transactional data in CRM with behavioral and social data from online communities and social channels into one solution. What you get is a true social CRM that empowers your customer care agents to deliver better customer experiences with a more streamlined case management process. Your customers will experience better service and build a better relationship with your brand:
  • The community serves as first line of support, encouraging peer-to-peer support and self-service
  • Community members can also seek agent assistance blending traditional support channels with crowdsourced community support
  • The MS Dynamics CRM connector includes these features:

  • Social Customer Profile Data Sync
  • Public Support Workflows and post back from the CRM to community message boards.
  • Private Support Portal & Private Messages
  • Nominate Community Content to CRM Knowledge
  • Federated Search Inside CRM and links to relevant public content in messages back to the community
  • Federated Search Inside Community
  • Advanced Dashboards and Reports
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