Customer Insights customer card add-in (Preview)

аутор Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Surface unified customer data and insights within Dynamics 365 applications

The Dynamics 365 Customer Insight customer card add-in (Preview) enables business users to access contextual insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, directly within Dynamics 365 business applications. Dynamics 365 users who also have Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can easily install this app to light up the customer card within Dynamics 365 Unified Interface contact or account form. Fully customizable to meet unique business needs, customer cards help organizations gain a unified view of customer information for a given Dynamics 365 contact, thereby improving the quality of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. This plugin requires Dynamics 365 (Online) v9.0+ with Unified Interface enabled, as well as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Click here to sign up for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.