Format email or document templates with tables of data extracted from your Dynamics 365 environment

Are you struggling with creating tables of data from your Dynamics system, for external or internal use?

Use data from your Dynamics 365 system, or model-driven Power App, in tables to present information efficiently and effectively. These tables can be templated making it easier to reproduce the same table with refreshed data or using different datasets.
Use Attribute Mapping to track any field in Dynamics/ Dataverse, into an HTML conversion, and create new HTML Design record/ rows for each field you want tracked. These records can also be used to apply functions such as sum, average or a total count of multiple fields. This means when putting together a table, it's easy to select the field data you want like to display.*
The tables can be placed into emails or documents, as appropriate to your needs. This makes it easier to share data, even with those outside your organisation. 
If you require regular reports, automate the release of these data tables periodically, for the duration you need. For example, send employees weekly timesheet information, with a workflow that will trigger the process at the end of the week.
Easily edit elements such as the format in which information is displayed, table size and colour, and text font and colour.*

* Preact can help you create and edit the table templates, if you don't team members with the necessary HTML experience.

Solution features:

  • Custom HTML Design Entity/ Table
  • Advanced FetchXML design tab
  • Automation Capabilities
    • Manually trigger a workflow from within Dynamics to send/ create a templated email or document
    • Set workflows to automatically send/ create a templated email or document, based a trigger action or trigger date

Key usage scenarios:

  • Send sales order information to customers when an opportunity is closed as won
  • Send service reports to customers once a field technician has completed their visit to summarise what was done
  • Send the customer service team monthly updates on KPIs such as cases closed, average time taken to close cases etc.

How to Deploy

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