Symnapse™ Project Status Dashboard

Symnoian, LLC

The solution gives needed visibility into your Project information in a one-stop dashboard.

Symnapse™ Project Status Dashboard for Dynamics 365 Project Operations™

Dynamics 365 Project Operations™ helps organizations efficiently track, manage, and deliver project-based services from the initial sales inquiry all the way to invoicing. The Symnapse™ Project Status Dashboard provides needed visibility for executives and managers into project execution and project sales pipeline in an easily navigable dashboard. It is a managed solution utilizing Dynamics 365 native, built-in tools for charting, views and dashboards.

It consists of five new components all combined into a dashboard. Each of the views can also be utilized wherever other standard views can be used, such as the main Project form or Project Opportunities form.

They are:

·        A funnel chart showing the Open Project Opportunities pipeline and pipeline view.

·        A bar chart showing projects by Project Manager by Overall Project Status (Red, Yellow, Green)

·        A pie chart showing estimated costs by Overall Project Status (Red, Yellow, Green)

·        A view showing projects that are due to start in the next 4 weeks, as well as projects that were due to start in the past but haven’t.

·        A view that shows all active project by Overall Status that utilizes the popular “stoplight” indicator metaphor

The cost for this solution is $49 USD per tenant. The Premium version that will have more complex reporting and dashboard capabilities will be $99 USD per tenant.

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You must have an existing environment and licenses for Dynamics 365 Project Operations™ of at least version or above.

You must also have administrative permissions to your Dynamics 365 Project Operations™ environment to install the Project Status Dashboard managed solution.

Does not require Power BI or a Power BI Pro license. 

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