Local Government Accelerator

TechAir Group

Enable local government organizations to quickly modernize their apps on Microsoft GCC

TechAir Group’s Industry accelerator enables local government organizations to quickly Modernize their Applications on Microsoft’s secure Government Community Cloud. The Local Government Industry Accelerator allows you to implement, extend or model after sample applications to deploy business processes and secure workloads. This accelerator helps to issue permits and improve processes in their Land Management, Building and Environmental Services departments. These departments can use Dynamics to track their emails and communications as well as PowerApps to drive process efficiency.
This allows the collaborating departments to know what is happening in real-time on any given project. This functionality can be extended out to a Citizen Portal or integrated into your Content Management System of choice. This accelerator helps government organizations to digitize this process within days using our low-code, no-code platform capabilities. The accelerator includes the following features via a model-driven app:
  • Efficient permit process
  • Allowed better visibility across different departments
  • Enabled easy tracking of communications and inquiries
  • Centralized data and eliminating the need for paper notes

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