UniPRO/DATEV Interface

Unidienst GmbH

Transfer Debtor, Invoices and Payroll informations between Dynamics 365 for Sales and DATEV

With UniPRO/DATEV, Unidienst offers an interface between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and DATEV Mittelstand. It transfers customer and invoice data to DATEV in the standard system and accepts payments from DATEV. Possible extensions are the import of incoming invoices and the provision of working time data for payroll accounting with LODAS. With this interface, Unidienst expands the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 356 for Sales in the invoicing and booking process. UniPRO/DATEV assumes the calculation of VAT within the scope of invoicing. It is therefore suitable for companies that already use Dynamics 365 for Sales or Dynamics CRM and would like to invoice immediately.
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