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harmon.ie for Outlook

harmon.ie Corporation

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Work with SharePoint Online files directly from Outlook

harmon.ie® add-in for Outlook® provides access to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business directly from your Windows & Mac Outlook App, Mobile and in the Outlook Web App. You can save emails and email attachments to SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams directly from the email client. Specify metadata and required properties to accurately classify a document or email, so you can find it easily later on. Click through to edit documents or reply with document links. When everyone works on the same version of a document, you eliminate document chaos and ensure the success of your business initiative.

==harmon.ie Benefits==

  • Drive SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption - Easy upload access to SharePoint Online sites and Teams from the places where people spend their work time makes it easy to accurately classify and share documents and emails with colleagues.
  • Ensure the Success of SharePoint Online and Office 365-based business initiatives - Realize the value of using SharePoint to manage records, get the value out of your Microsoft investment by ensuring business initiatives can be productive.
  • Eliminate Document Chaos - Sharing links instead of attachments means everyone is working on the same version of a document or email draft.
  • Boosts Productivity Significantly - Perform typical SharePoint document sharing tasks 6 times faster by having all the collaboration tools in a single screen/app.
  • Reduces Email Storage Requirements - Sharing document links rather than email attachments substantially reduces email storage.
  • Prevents Data Leakage - Email recipients can only open documents for which they are authorized in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, thereby reducing potentially-damaging document leakage.

==Product Features==

  • Upload documents to SharePoint Online directly from Outlook - Upload email attachments to SharePoint Online/Teams and OneDrive for Business. Full-featured support for SharePoint means users can accurately categorize documents and emails. Users are prompted to supply required metadata before checking in documents.
  • Share Links Instead of Attachments - Share documents and emails by sending SharePoint links to colleagues via email. Sharing documents from the Outlook windows makes it easy to stay focused on what’s important. Plus, with document links, everyone works on the same version of the document.
  • Simplify Navigation - Pin locations for often-used folders, libraries, and sites. Then, to save time and effort, save email attachments to pinned locations for easy access.
  • Treat Emails as Documents of Record (requires harmon.ie Enterprise license) - Save email messages together with important documents in one central SharePoint Online/Office 365 and OneDrive for Business repository. harmon.ie aggregates messages that are part of a common email thread into a single SharePoint item. Quickly find important email messages using the original Outlook email headers.
  • Upload emails to SharePoint Online directly from Outlook (requires harmon.ie Enterprise license) - Upload email messages to SharePoint Online/Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. Full-featured support for SharePoint means users can accurately categorize emails. Users are prompted to supply required metadata before checking in emails. For emails, Outlook email headers are automatically translated to SharePoint columns so you can find emails easily later on.
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