elmah io

Post a new chat message to Microsoft Teams when errors occur on elmah.io.

By using this app, integrating elmah.io with Teams requires no more than a few clicks with the mouse. Notify your team instantly, when new errors are logged on elmah.io and resolve new bugs faster. Each message sent to Teams contains enough data for you to be able to find out what is going on, without even having to visit elmah.io. Essential properties like the error message, the URL causing the error and the stack trace are shown directly inside Teams.

Manage your website bugs directly from Teams, by clicking the embedded actions buttons. Using actions, you don’t even have to visit elmah.io to implement successful error management in your organization.

We don’t stop with uncaught website errors. Using elmah.io Uptime Monitoring, we ping your websites continuously from five different locations. As soon as your site is unavailable, we’ll notify you through Teams. The enables faster time to fix, which will decrease impact for your customers basically.

Using our integration from JavaScript, both server-side crashes, as well as the errors your users are experiencing in their browser, will be logged in the same platform. No more navigating between tools to see the full picture. You can configure elmah.io to send the errors that matter to Teams, no matter where they are logged.

elmah.io is an excellent cloud-based error management for any .NET web developer. With native integrations for all major web frameworks (like ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Core) and logging frameworks (like Serilog, log4net, NLog, and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging), we provide the best integrated solution for .NET.

With the popular add-ons Uptime Monitoring and Deployment Tracking, we help you take control of your development cycle from implementation, over deployment to monitoring your production systems. Your developers and DevOps engineers will love the detailed dashboards and notifications available on elmah.io.

In order to use the app user needs to have an Active elmah.io account.

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