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Mail Assure Cloud Email Security

Spamexperts BV

Make email more secure and available for Office 365


Mail Assure’s cloud email security helps users safeguard Office 365 email by adding an additional layer of security and providing Office 365 integration. Protection against threats, always-on continuity, and email archiving for Office 365 enhances your Office 365 experience so you can focus on core business activities.

The easy-to-install Mail Assure Office 365 Add-in allows users full control and transparency over their email flows. Users can “train spam” and “train not-spam” from their message window. Messages trained as spam are moved to the user’s trash folder and messages trained as not-spam are automatically moved to the user’s inbox. These actions signal required adjustments to the Mail Assure classification systems. Users can use single-sign-on by logging into the Mail Assure web-interface from a button available in their message window.

To benefit from the Mail Assure Office 365 add-in capabilities, users must use Mail Assure’s email security solutions.

Add-in capabilities

The Mail Assure Add-in for Office 365 email users:

● No hardware installation required

● Offers support for both Office 365 and Azure Active Directory single-sign-on into the Mail Assure web-interface

● Allows users to report false negatives (“train spam”) and false positives (“train as not-spam”) from the user’s message window

Могућности програмског додатка
Кад се овај програмски додатак користи, он
  • Може да шаље податке преко интернета
  • Овај програмски додатак може да чита или мења садржај било које ставке из поштанског сандучета, као и да прави нове ставке. Може да приступа личним информацијама из било које поруке или календарске ставке, као што су тело, тема, пошиљалац, примаоци или прилози. Може да шаље ове податке некој услузи независног произвођача.
  • https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.13159.0f1ec44e-f891-4a4a-95c2-b0f52658a397.53909ed0-52cb-4419-9c7d-47d6c7e910ca.4ba91f0e-e6f8-4a61-98ff-c4a554eb4200.png