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Anywhere365 inDialogue


Enable supervisor capabilities for your Anywhere365 Contact Center

The Anywhere365 InDialogue Bot for Microsoft Teams provides powerful functionality for supervisors of the Anywhere365 Dialogue Management Platform. It empowers them to manage real-time agent conversations directly from their Teams client.

Although Anywhere365 is designed to automate agent adherence and guidance as much as possible, supervisors may want to take an active role in regularly monitoring agent conversations for coaching, quality assurance and compliance purposes. For contact centers or help desks that use Anywhere365 with Microsoft Teams as their unified communications (UC) platform, the Anywhere365 InDialogue Bot provides supervisors with silent monitor, coaching (whisper) and call barge capabilities all from their standard Teams client.

Embedded within the standard Teams Client, the Anywhere365 InDialogue Bot presents supervisors with a list of commands to initiate call monitoring features. The listcalls command provides a list of active calls in the Unified Contact Center (UCC) that the supervisor manages. Once they select a call from the list, the supervisor is presented with an Active Call Control card with four options: Listen, Whisper, Speak and Take over.

The listen function allows the supervisor to silently monitor the conversation, without the other participants (customer and agent) hearing the supervisor. This functionality is useful for quality monitoring and compliance purposes.

With the whisper feature, the supervisor joins the conversation; however, only the agent can hear the supervisor. This functionality is useful for providing real-time coaching and support during conversations.

The speak function allows the supervisor to join the conversation as a full participant where both the customer and agent can hear the supervisor. The conversation becomes a three-party conference, where the supervisor can provide active support to the agent for an improved customer experience.

With the take over option, the supervisor conferences into the call and takes over the role of the agent. The original agent will still be in the conversation but muted. The other participants (customer and supervisor) cannot hear the agent, however the agent can hear them. This feature is typically used for agent training purposes, or when a supervisor needs to take control of a conversation that has become problematic for any reason.

Please take note that the calling feature in Microsoft Teams is only available in the Teams Desktop client and in the Teams Web client when using Microsoft Edge. The InDialogue Bot supports other browsers when the address is set to any phone number or Skype for Business SIP address.

The InDialogue Bot requires an Anywhere365 Corporate, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus license. Please visit our website (https://anywhere365.io) to learn more about how the Anywhere365 Contact Center and Dialogue Management platform can empower your business, just like it has done for hundreds of other customers.

This is an enterprise app that requires an existing AnyWhere365 account. This app is not available for independent users, it is an enterprise solution for large enterprises. Purchasing, sign-up and configuration of our app is only possible on enterprise level by IT admins.

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