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Giuliano De Luca

MayLeo Bot is your personal Office 365 assistant

MayLeo Bot helps you to interact on the Office 365 surface, by simplifying every operation like creating a task in the Planner and displaying every info related to the user.

It's not necessary to use specific commands because MayLeo is intelligent, you can try to ask a thing whit different questions.

Features (with samples):

  • My Manager
  • Who is my manager?
  • Who is my boss?
  • Tell me about my manager
  • My Teams
  • Show me the list of my Teams
  • Could you show the list of my Teams?
  • List the teams where I’m member
  • Display Profile Picture
  • Display my profile picture
  • Could you show my photo?
  • What is my picture?
  • Change Profile Picture
  • Change my profile picture
  • I don’t like my picture
  • What is my picture?
  • About Me
  • Display my name and email
  • About me
  • Who am I?
  • My Shared Files
  • List files shared with me
  • Could you display the files shared with me?
  • Which files are shared with me?
  • My Tasks
  • List my tasks
  • My tasks
  • What tasks are assigned to me?

N.B. Internet Explorer is not supported, please use Teams desktop app or other browsers

Могућности програмског додатка
Кад се овај програмски додатак користи, он
  • Може да шаље податке преко интернета
  • Овај програмски додатак може да приступа личним информацијама из активне поруке, као што су бројеви телефона, поштанске адресе или URL-ови. Програмски додатак може да шаље ове податке некој услузи независног произвођача. Друге ставке из поштанског сандучета није могуће читати ни мењати.
  • https://az158878.vo.msecnd.net/marketing/Partner_21474848900/Product_42949683072/Asset_5da9ff36-85f9-4409-b475-71afb260462a/S01.jpg