Clever Ads

Clever Ads

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Clever Ads is the easiest way to link Google Ads with Microsoft Teams.

As we like to say, you will be saving enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much! ☕

● View the summary of your Google Ads campaigns' performance

● Receive ​ graphs​ pertaining to your campaigns’ performance

● Schedule daily or weekly ​ reports​ for receiving your metrics

● Ask for ​ tips​ on how to improve your Google Ads strategy all through simple messaging.

Benefits of Clever Ads

✔ It's a time saver

✔ Organizes your day to day tasks better

✔ It's free!

Access to your own dashboard

Gain access to your own dashboard and customize the way you want to receive your metrics through Microsoft Teams. Filter the Google Ads accounts that interest you the most and schedule your reports.

How to get started?

1. Add the Clever Ads app to Microsoft Teams.

2. Log in using your Google Account linked to your Google Ads.

3. Select your desired account and switch between your several accounts at any time.

4. Start getting reports by asking for metrics, graphs, etc.

For any questions or concerns contact our team of tech developers at

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