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Mind map your ideas in Microsoft Teams with MindMap

Create mindmaps in Microsoft Teams with MindMap – the powerful and fully integrated mindmapping tool. Collect and structure your ideas by using nodes, childs, notes, topology diagrams and more. Share your mindmap in your Microsoft Teams channel and collaborate with your colleagues on your ideas.

Add notes or a topology diagram to your mindmap

With MindMap you can easily add notes or a topology diagram to capture details and illustrate your ideas. Hover over the note icon to get a preview of your notes or edit them in the editor. Use checklists, enumerations, HTML codes and more to perfectly describe your thoughts within the mind map. With the topology diagram you can visualize structures in a great way. Here you have a variety of icons at your disposal.

Set references

Set references to create connections between different childs and create a link to another point or continue your flow of thoughts.

Share your mindmap in a Teams channel

With the import and export button, you can add your mindmaps to a Teams channel with just a few clicks. Share your mindmap with your colleagues and work on them together. MindMap makes collecting ideas and working on them collaboratively unbeatably easy.

Get started in seconds

You do not need to handle any installation process. MindMap is a SaaS product, hosted by us in Microsoft Azure. Simply click on “Add” and get started.

In short, MindMap offers everything to get started with mindmapping in Microsoft Teams.

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