WinjiGo - Social Learning Space

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Unique social learning space that draws upon user interface experiences common in social networks

WinjiGo is a unique learning platform that draws upon user interface experiences common in social

networks, bringing both familiarity and comfort to users. Simple and intuitive, WinjiGo allows educators

to quickly incorporate the use of social learning within the classroom. Designed with learner centric

approach, WinjiGo interface can be easily understood by the learners allowing them to focus on the

learning not on the tools. Different on-boarding techniques are applied to take educators and learners

step by step through the educational journey of the system with all its features giving them hands on

experience with the solution breaking down the barrier of technology use

WinjiGo is an effective and easy tool for conducting formative assessments and providing ongoing

feedback. Educators can easily keep track of each learner’s participations and provide the needed

support to steer them towards their goals.

WinjiGo supports educators in increasing learner engagement across different academic levels through

point-based badges and different collaboration tools. WinjiGo’s Course Leaderboard keeps learners

engaged by displaying the top learners in the course based on the number of points they accumulated

through their earned badges. Points can be awarded for both academic and non-academic

achievements. Such approach empowers educators to monitor, motivate and improve the learner's 21st

century skills and prepare their learners to lead the next generation to be able to work beyond the class

walls and make our world a better place.

Addressing the life of modern world, WinjiGo's user experience is extended across different devices and

can be accessed from desktop machines, laptops and tablet devices, anytime and anywhere.

WinjiGo enables education institutes to:

  • Increase student success in terms of knowledge and grades
  • Monitor teachers performance to increase students success rate
  • Apply blended learning option
  • Reduce institutional cost-per-student expenses
  • Enhance ability to serve more students with fewer resources
  • Adopt new educational system and accrediting the institute
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