Skooler Dashboard

Skooler AS

App to take you directly to the Skooler Dashboard for your school or school district.

Skooler is an LMS portal for all K-12 schools and school districts. Using Skooler, teachers can work with education-relevant elements like assignments, assessment, quizzes, absence and grade books related to their students. Students can follow their homework and perform other educational activities using known Office 365 applications like Word, OneNote and Teams. Parents can remain updated on the details related to their children.

All school districts and large schools have their own Skooler installation. So, if you are an existing Skooler client and your role is a student, a teacher, a principal or an admin, using this app will guide you directly to the Skooler installation you use in your school. Thus, providing a convenient method to access your particular Skooler installation without knowing/remembering the Skooler URL, specially on a multi-installation environment.

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