GScan Online Lite


Sophisticated Scanning in SharePoint Office 365

** Download this free 1-month trial for 1 user limited to 25 processed pages.

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GScan Online is an innovative product that can be utilized in all organizations. Capture any document type from virtually any device such as, scanners, MFPs, mobile phones, and even via cloud (ex. OneDrive). Built on an HTML5 platform, you can scan, OCR index all in one browser to Microsoft SharePoint. Document Scanning within SharePoint has never been easier, and with a simple click-to-index OCR functionality, you’ll save time and avoid mistakes which are commonly seen through manual typing. With GScan Online, you'll be able to rapidly increase efficiency in SharePoint Online (Office 365) with smaller file sizes that are reduced to 100x for quicker document retrieval. The app is available in 23 languages, and supports over 190 OCR languages.

GScan Online is an award-winning solution, having won Best Mobile App at the European SharePoint Community Awards 2014 & 2015 and the DM Awards 2014, you'll be sure to see the app speaks volumes for itself.


• SharePoint Online / Office 365 (Trial here)

[Simple Plug-n’-Play feature]

Plugs into your existing SharePoint environment with just a few easy clicks and immediately use GScan Online with your SharePoint libraries and content types.

[IQ2 Image Processing - Advanced Image Processing]

• Automated adaptive Image pre-processing

• Auto Rotation

• Auto Crop

• Auto Contrast

• Auto Color

• Auto blank page removal

• Auto Deskew

• Reduced file sizes up to 100x

[Enhanced Barcode Recognition]

• 1D & 2D barcodes

• Barcode recognition no matter the skewed angle or placement on the page


A simple click-to-index functionality withreal-time data interpretation allows you to save time and avoid mistakes which are commonly seen through manual typing. With one click, each index field data can be extracted from any document to the desired content type field in SharePoint, allowing for accurate information to be processed, validated, and certified, holding high quality data extraction in your workflow process.

[Searchable PDF]

After automated release of processed documents to the SharePoint library in a searchable PDF format, find documents instantly through standard full text searches in SharePoint Online (Office 365).

[Multilingual Support]

Available in 23 languages (lite version: 13 languages) and supports over 190 in OCR, making for a great user experience, you’ll never feel limited. Be prompted automatically with the Language Identifier upon startup.

• English

• French

• German

• Dutch

• Portuguese

• Russian

• Ukrainian

• Swedish

• Croatian

• Spanish

• Finnish

• Slovenian

• Japanese

[Installation Requirements]

The user will be prompted to run a setup installation that will elevate permissions, allowing the Lite app to communicate with scanner hardware. (If scanning from attached scanner is being used.) For Internet Explorer, if "Protected Mode" is detected to be turned ON, the user will be prompted to enter the site URL into their trusted sites list.

Administrator Rights may be required.

Please Note - certain functions require the use of Internet Explorer version 8 and higher, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Privacy Statement

Microsoft sends user IDs and display names to this application. Upon receipt, the data is immediately anonymized - and only the usage of the application is tracked for improvement purposes.

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