Live Publish for WordPress


Create quality and beautiful web content using Microsoft Word and publish it to your WordPress site.

Live Publish will handle all the images, attachments and custom fields of the publication to ensure a trouble-free publishing experience.

With Live Publish for WordPress there is:

  • No need to use any other editor other than Microsoft Word
  • No need to upload images and optimise their sizes for the web
  • No need to learn complex HTML or CSS code
  • No need to upload related attachments and files

Live Publish supports both sites and self-hosted sites. If you are using a self-hosted WordPress site, you will need to install the Jetpack plugin. Please see for more information about Jetpack.

Simply build your page or post in Microsoft Word and publish it to WordPress using the Live Publish add-in from the Word ribbon.

Live Publish for WordPress features:

  • All images and attachments are uploaded to your Media Library for you. Even the alt-text is captured.
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) support is included and more fields can be added on request.
  • We use the built-in WordPress post types. Still use the WordPress UI to make changes to pages – we do not add custom post types to add content to your site.
  • We remove Word styling for you. Custom styles that are driven by WordPress – not Microsoft Word.
  • Support for all first-class Microsoft Word content including (but not limited to): shapes, charts, tables, table of contents, WordArt, embedded attachments (PDFs, Zip files) and video embedding.
  • NEW! Now with dark mode! Live Publish will automatically adapt to your Office color scheme to save your eyes. Can be toggled in settings as well.

Note: Live Publish requires a account and is available once the add-in is loaded.

Free 30 day trial. Additional purchase may be required. See website ( for more details.

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