Pretty Formula

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Format long and complex formulas for a better readability and understanding

Do you work with long formulas? Do you feel headache of editing and understanding complex formulas? It is because formulas are always displayed letter by letter in one line. A good formatting will easily make meaning of formulas and functions apparent.

Pretty Formula formats long and complex formula, to make them easy to read and understand, to make your daily Excel life pretty.

  • Pretty Formula automatically displays a long and complex formula in several lines with appropriate indentations.
  • Therefore, you could understand better the logic in the formula.
  • Anytime, you could format, modify, and unformat the formula in the editor.
  • Finally, you could write a modified formula back to spreadsheet.

Some tips:

  • When working on a spreadsheet containing lots of complex formulas, turn on Pretty Formula, navigate through cells in the spreadsheet, you will see their formula is systematically formatted in the editor of Pretty Formula.
  • Facing a complex formula, tune the "Width Limit" in the editor of Pretty Formula and see different ways of formatting a same formula. This will allow you to quickly see how functions are used and understand their logic.

You will need to sign in to benefit a trial period of Pretty Formula. After that, you will need to subscribe to a pricing plan (5 dollars/month) to continue. More details can be found in

Give it a try, you will see working with complex formulas is no more a pain, and your daily Excel life becomes pretty.

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