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Manage Employee Acknowledgement of Reading Documents for SharePoint online and Microsoft Teams

Reading acknowledgement from employees of new or updated documents

Read and Understood captures employee acknowledgements of having read important SharePoint documents.


Comprehensive reporting reduces corporate risk to stay audit ready

A full audit history for each document version, including employees who did or did not acknowledge reading. Our reporting features assist organizations in meeting their compliance needs.

Onboard new employees or new team members

Improve new hire performance and productivity by requiring employees to read documents as part of their induction process.

Use Read and Understood onboarding feature in conjunction with the Microsoft SharePoint New Employee Onboarding hub template (NEO).

Alternatively, our onboarding feature can be used where employees move between Departments, join Teams Groups or Project Sites.

Simple administration, define rules by which acknowledgements will be sent

By defining Read and Understood rules, content editors just need to edit or add new documents, the add-in will take care of matching rules against the content, sending the acknowledgement requests.

Flexible Plans to meet your needs

Complete our registration form and we will email you with a link to download the Read and Understood .app file, including access to our documentation and how you can keep in touch. All plans include a 30 day trial period. No credit card details and required for trials.

A Free plan is available for low use scenarios such as small Microsoft Teams sites.

How it works

With Read and Understood you define rules to select documents and send acknowledgement requests to specified users. Once configured, all new and updated documents are automatically processed by Read and Understood to send acknowledgement requests. Users are required to complete their acknowledgment request within a predefined period and reminders are sent to those yet to acknowledge. Each rule specifies a document owner who receives a summary email of who did and did not acknowledge documents. Reporting features assist organizations to meet their compliance needs and stay audit ready.

We offer a range of plans as your use of SharePoint grows, Read and Understood can flex to your business needs; full details of pricing can be found at

Key features:

  • Works with document libraries in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams
  • Flexibility to select documents within a site, library, by content type or individual documents
  • Assign users by a combination of SharePoint Groups, Azure AD Groups or AD users
  • Assign a designated document owner to receive summary reports of acknowledgement requests, including those who did and did not acknowledge reading
  • Fully customizable email templates and includes embedding SharePoint document column values

Once the add-in is installed into a site, configuration is simple by following the on-screen instructions. Quickly get up to speed on all the features of Read and Understood by following our Configuration and Evaluation Guide at

If installing to the tenant root site or wishing to utilize Azure AD groups please read our Installation Guide at

Access all documentation for Read and Understood at


Adding the Add-in to a SharePoint site

To install the Read and Understood add-in to a SharePoint site you will need Full Control permissions.

Thank you!

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