BLU DELTA AI - NextG Invoice Capturing

Blumatix Intelligence GmbH

Effortless from a digital invoice to an automated processing

BLU DELTA AI - Accelerates Accounting by Means of Understanding Documents

  • Creates structured data out of invoice / documents based on PDF and images
  • Reduces manual effort for your accounting team
  • Reduces processing time
  • Gets your accounting data ready for blind bookings
  • No upfront training effort required, added value off-the-shelf
  • Proven technology: Used by many corporates and SMEs within EU - e.g. Porsche or Volkswagen

Ready To Use

Reads and extracts information of unknown invoice formats instantaneously:

  • Immediate high recognition rates >95%
  • Learns and improves based on invoices from other companies
  • Cloud-based and no efforts for invoice capturing on your end
  • Our solution ensures data privacy
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy setup/integration (within one day possible)
  • Ready to use for more than 20(+) countries and languages
  • Test now, no login required, documents not stored:

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