H-Scale- Next-Generation Healthcare Data Integration and Management Platform on Azure

H-Scale is an interoperability focused platform specialized in healthcare data acquisition, storage, curation and provisioning.

H-Scale addresses key healthcare information needs including data acquisition, Big Data processing, data quality monitoring, data streaming, security, terminology standards and advanced analytics.

It supports unstructured, semi-structured and structured data processing.


  •  One-stop data management platform compliant with healthcare privacy and security regulations – HIPAA, 21 CFR, Meaningful Use
  •  Real-time data quality monitoring at source using a pre-built library of 1,500+ healthcare data quality rules
  •  Reusable parser framework to streamline clinical data ingestion and processing across formats such as CCDA, HL7 and FHIR
  •  Configurable analytics tools for BI / analytics and data science teams to create use cases using real patient data
  •  Seamless integration of data across the care continuum (providers, payers, ancillaries, etc.)
  •  Provides entity wise structure used as single source of truth (SSOT) by downstream applications
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