Connected Health Platform

Cloud DX Inc.

Connected Health for Remote Patient Monitoring

Hospitals and Provincial Health Ministries are starting to purchase products and services to care for patients at home, particularly those with chronic illnesses like COPD and congestive heart failure (CHF). Cloud DX Connected Health Platform is the Canadian leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM) for chronic disease management: winner of more RFPs than any other solution; chosen as sole vendor for RPM in Yukon Territory; deployed in multiple LHINs in Ontario; endorsed by Joule Inc, a Canadian Medical Association company. Connected Health includes sleek modern Health Canada licensed medical devices, easy-to-use mobile apps and a clinical portal running in the Azure cloud. In a recent study Connected Health reduced hospital admissions due to COPD by 80%, emergency room visits by 36% plus we received 100% patient recommendation score and an 82 net promoter score from doctors!
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