CloudHealth Technologies

CloudHealth gives organizations a more efficient way to visualize, optimize, & automate Azure clouds

By using the CloudHealth platform, you can gain:
  • Visibility across all subscriptions: Using CloudHealth with Azure gives you consistent visibility and tracking for cost/usage/performance. Easily track by subscription, enrollment, or any business grouping.
  • Burn-down reports: With CloudHealth, you can keep track of Azure spend based on your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Set policies to notify you when burndown rates are higher than expected and keep track of individual department/project spend.
  • Perspectives, tags, and policies: Visualize and track assets based on whatever logical business grouping makes the most sense for your organization.
  • Performance metrics and rightsizing: Find and downsize underutilized VMs with CloudHealth’s Rightsizing reports that look across CPU, memory, network, and disk. You can also set policies to notify you of underutilized infrastructure.
  • Migrate to Azure confidently: Migration Assessment from CloudHealth enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration to Azure. This helps you reduce complexity and move faster in the migration process.
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