CloudMoyo Data Modernization

CloudMoyo Inc

Integrate data from across the organization for velocity, efficiency, and scalability

Are you struggling to streamline information sharing across departments or personnel? Our Data Modernization solution was created to help enterprises manage huge volumes and variety of structured and unstructured data, and accelerate time-to-insight. 

We help you develop and execute a phased cloud migration strategy to optimize applications for cloud and harness the power of data visualization and self-service BI to make informed decisions and drive business growth. You benefit from a long track record in data engineering and cloud technology, as we help your company build resilience through data modernization and democratization. 

CloudMoyo Data Modernization solution features 
  • Migration to enterprise data warehouses or data lakes 
  • Data warehouse workload migration 
  • In-database advanced analytics services 
  • On-prem and cloud big data warehousing solutions 
  • Correction, standardization, and de-duping of data 
  • Integrated approach to data governance 

Benefits of modernizing your data: 
  • Seamless migration of apps and storage operations to a cloud platform 
  • Streamline the ETL process, including ingesting, reporting, and analysis 
  • Eliminate data silos and data inaccuracy with a single source of truth 
  • Promote enterprise-wide data democratization and self-service BI
  • Align business objectives with an agile, scalable, and analytics-embedded cloud data warehouse
  • Sustainable environment for next-generation data visualization, reporting, and analytics 
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