dmarcian for Domain Control and Protection


Secure your domains from email impersonation and phishing attacks with dmarcian and DMARC.

dmarcian is dedicated to upgrading the world’s email by making DMARC accessible to all. We bring together thousands of senders, vendors and operators in a common effort to build DMARC into the email ecosystem. Our customers range from banks, top Internet properties, and governments to marketing agencies, telecoms, and commercial enterprises of all sizes.

DMARC SaaS Platform - To turn thousands of XML records into something useful, dmarcian processes DMARC data using a complex set of identifiers. We categorize sources of email and present you with DMARC compliance status (based on email source, DKIM and SPF), and we alert you if there are any potential threats or abuse on your domains.

Deployment Services - dmarcian has developed a successful, efficient project-based approach for policy enforcement that addresses technical compliance and how it affects different aspects of your organization.

On-Demand Support - Although deploying DMARC can be viewed as a one-time technology upgrade, managing and maintaining DMARC compliance needs long-term effort to remain effective. dmarcian can help with managing DMARC-related incidents, regular data reviews, monitoring ongoing compliance, and embedding DMARC into daily operations.
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