BlockAPT SOAR Platform


BlockAPT Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR) platform

The BlockAPT SOAR platform brings together threat intelligence, endpoint security, website protection, vulnerability management, device monitoring and incident response management under one platform to help businesses significantly lower the cyber risks against their entire digital infrastructure. Deep integration through multiple layers of security enables both disparate and legacy systems to work seamlessly together in a single pane solution enabling businesses to Monitor, Manage, Automate and Respond to Advanced Persistent Threats. With multi-vendor integration and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), BlockAPT offers intelligent playbooks to automate and orchestrate your entire security infrastructure, including incident response, data breaches investigation, security policy violations attempts, and more. The BlockAPT SOAR platform is integrated with Office 365, Sentinel One, Cloudflare, Nessus, Blackstone One, Qualys, Ntop, Splunk, EdgeNexus, F5, Jira, Citrix, RSA, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Microsoft Azure and other leading vendors. Key features include: 
  • Deeply integrated APIs with leading network and security providers 
  • Automated migration/transfer between different solutions providers
  • Advanced playbooks to automate workflows and notifications
  • 24/7 Threat detection and response
  • Automate and align incident responses with change control management functions
BlockAPT was created to offer companies a scalable and innovative security solution by helping organisations alleviate the pain of alert fatigue, vendor proliferation, and overwhelmed security teams. The users that will benefit from BlockAPT will range from CXOs, managers of large security teams, IT MSPs to SME’s who require a simple and effective solution to utilise resources better while saving time and overheads.Our solution can help businesses across insurance, financial services, retail, real estate, technology, healthcare industries and many more. By helping businesses respond to threats in real-time to cyber threats, we’ve improved security posture and help meet any regulatory requirements.
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