HR BI: Building the workforce of the future


HR business intelligence: Building the workforce of the future

Our software supports people and businesses to grow to their fullest potential by analyzing skills and strengths through soft skill assessments and making this data visible.

Whether in education, work or both.

Hence our motto: Never.stop.growing.
Our HR-business Intelligence leads to:
-Better hires through effective recruitment
-Preselection: match with company culture and job skills profile
-Support inclusion and minimize human bias: by analyzing competences and skills
-Onboarding: starts during recruitment process as part of branding strategy
-Retention: fit-for-the-job employees perform better faster and are less probable to quit
-Increased effectivity: employees are perfectly skilled for the job they are hired for
-Improved team performance: combining soft skills and team roles to support project goals
-Personalized learning development traject
-Motivated employees: Inspired employees who do what they are good at are more open to feedback and learning;
-Business Intelligence Strategic skills management: enable management to attract those skills that help your business grow
-Business insights: knowing exactly how your workforce performs in comparison with your sector or competitor Effective forecasting: allocate and hire the exact skills that help your business move forward and gain competitive advantage
-Smart workforce management: find the strengths and weaknesses in team performance and benchmark to increase efficiency

Increase impact and profit in all levels of your organization; Quick set up and deployment: our SaaS is extremely easily to implement, providing you instantly with the benefits of employer branding and unique BI.

No upfront costs with immediate impact: a fixed low fee with direct impact on better hires, improved team performance and less undesired employee churn immediately pays off.

Any time, any place, any device.

What is keeping you from growing ?

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