Brilliance Financial Technology - DPXPricing


Product, pricing and profitability solution.

Brilliance solutions have been delivered in 50 countries to 25,000+ bank relationship managers. 

Our 15+ years of experience has been consolidated into DPX, our 4th generation cloud-native platform.  

DPX, the cloud-ready, next generation of DealPoint, is designed to differentiate banks and give them the competitive edge. DPX is the world’s leading pricing and profitability platform that provides best-in-class.


Pricing Management 

Structure and price deals with a comprehensive toolset to optimize customer relationship profit

Rates & Product Management 

Dynamically create and modify rates, rules, fees, and costs to respond to changing market demands

Profitability Management 

Gain a real-time comprehensive view of past and future profitability at the relationship and portfolio level 

Automate your processes

DPX is tailored to your bank’s methodology and process. The solution digitizes and optimizes your processes to gain speed and eliminate manual errors. It frees your valuable IT and business resources from manual or low-level tasks, so they can focus on more strategic, value-adding activities. It’s your bank — modernized and supercharged. 

Integrate through Open APIs

DPX easily integrates with other applications in the digital process through an extensive set of public APIs, as well as out-of-the-box adapters for popular application

Self-configure without code changes

DPX gives you the agility you need to respond to changing market conditions. Changes to rates, products, and pricing can happen quickly — without the need for code changes that can take months to implement. DPX offers the ability to:

Choose your platform

Available as SaaS, on-premise, or deployed to your bank’s private cloud. DPX can be deployed to the infrastructure of your choice. ​ 

Access anywhere

Securely access the solution untethered 24/7. DPX is mobile and tablet ready.

 Implement securely

·Architected to meet the security standards expected by tier one, global financial institutions:

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