ICRON Order Promising | Supply Chain Planning

ICRON Technologies Europe BV

Design and execute optimum due dates and delivery schedules for your orders.

ICRON Order Promising enables manufacturing companies to align their competitive positioning and operational strategies with their customer engagement policies in the market. 
It creates and executes optimal delivery schedules and customer due dates under capacity restrictions and uncertain nature of the dynamic business environment. It is a plug-and-play and easy-start SaaS tool, which starts delivering value within weeks.  
As a consequence of the increasingly competitive market conditions, customer satisfaction through swift response to customer inquiries and absolute flexibility to handle uncertainties in both demand side and supply side now portray as effective differentiators in the marketplace.  
Companies that realize this fact are in search for qualified enablers to manage their order promising adventure and fulfillment of orders, particularly in the case of high-mix and low-volume manufacturing scenarios. 
Manufacturers know that designing delivery schedules and quoting due dates accordingly is a balancing act, that requires delicate deliberations. While on one side they want to be bold enough (based on their competitive positioning strategy, which dynamically changes with market conditions) in their promises to win new customers; on the other side they want to be safe enough so that they deliver on their promises. In the course of these optimization efforts, manufacturers also need to make sure that they operate efficiently and maintain profitability. Moreover, they also have to properly address all types of uncertainties in the business environment.   
ICRON Order Promising mathematically models how much appetite a company retains to pursue new opportunities, and how much challenge they are ready to take to be competitive. This model generates optimum due date and delivery schedule promises to the customers. Since ICRON Order Promising has all the technology, math, optimization, and artificial -or not- intelligence working in the background to handle supply chain and business dynamics; users do not need to worry about obvious details such as supply and capacity availability, and how to efficiently engage them as needed.
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