PAFnow Process Mining for BPM

Process Analytics Factory GmbH

PAFnow BPM Edition - visualize, analyze and directly improve business process automation

The PAFnow BPM Edition is the missing link between BPM and BI.

By eliminating the weeks or months needed for intensive process exploration and combining Process Mining with BPM, PAFnow shortens the time between measurement, diagnosis, and actions!


Revitalize Your Process Management

PAFnow BPM adds Process KPIs to  your “should be” process models and finds out what's going on inside your organization.  This allows you to take control and start improving the way you run your business. 

Check your Process Conformance

PAFnow BPM provides automatic comparisons of global process templates, process maps and reference models with processes that are lived in the company.

Get insights

PAFnow BPM , on the basis of reliable knowledge from process data and stable key figures, compares best-in-class and actual processes and evaluates them in terms of quality, time and costs.
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