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Future-proof your workforce with the world's most advanced reskilling technology.

By 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced due to digital transformation, while 97 million new roles may emerge. For workers who will remain in their roles, 40% of their core skills will change in the next 5 years, and 50% of all employees will need significant reskilling.

As the world continues to be disrupted by digital transformation, companies across sectors urgently require a robust workforce transformation roadmap and a set of effective tools to reskill today’s workforce for future success. 

Recognized as a top AI innovation by Forbes, a Gartner Cool Vendor in HCM, and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, SkyHive is cognifying the world’s labor economy and fundamentally changing how we work, learn, and live. 

SkyHive drives rapid workforce transformation by delivering real-time, skill-level insights into internal workforces and external labor markets, identifying future skills, and facilitating individual-and company-level reskilling; resulting in up to 70% higher efficiency in reskilling initiatives. SkyHive achieves this through:

  • Rapid AI-driven Skills Assessment: Gain deep insights into skills and skill gaps within your organization. Compare your internal workforce against the industry benchmarks /competitors to gain unprecedented competitive intelligence.
  • Future-proof Workforce Transformation: Rapidly identify skill gaps in your existing teams, emerging and future skills in your sector, and individualized reskilling pathways that can support your digital transformation strategy. 
  • Advanced Labor Market Analytics: Access real-time insights on labor market conditions and deep dive into specific jobs & job families focusing on skills, their trends, supply/demand conditions, salary levels, geographic hotspots, as well as distinction/gaps between your organization's workforce and the labor market, among other properties.
  • Internal Mobility & Talent Redeployment: Quickly mobilize and transition talent through AI-driven skill proximity identification and talent mobility pathing. Effectively retain valuable talent by providing internal mobility and reskilling opportunities to employees.
  • Individualized Adaptive Reskilling Pathways: Engage employees with skill-based, personalized learning content recommendations that fill precise skill gaps to a current or future role; resulting in optimized usage of training budgets and increased engagement.
  • See the complete SkyHive Enterprise Use Cases document attached for more use cases.

SkyHive's customers are HR leaders and IT leaders. It is industry-agnostic and supports Global 2000 and government customers across four continents.

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