Active leisure. For all - throughout life.

Smart Cognition AS

Customisation of information about leisure activities for people with intellectual disabilities

Improved Quality of Life

The Active Leisure platform contributes to improved self-determination and inclusion in the society for people with disabilities.

To understand and be understood are fundamental to good quality of life. The premise for this is personalized information and possibility of communication.

Using Microsoft Azure and Cognitive Services, the platform will personalize information to the individual's intellectual level.


The primary audience is children and youth with intellectual disabilities and others in need of alternative and supplementary communication.

Why Leisure Activities

The platform is used for sharing personalized information about special leisure activities. Organisers reach more people with better information about their offerings, and with peronalized information, the audience can take a more active part in their own lives. Better information to more people lowers the threshold to participation in leisure activities.

Examples of personalization are text simplification (easy-to-read text), replacement of text with images, video or symbols, as well as text-to-speech and language translation.

Leisure activities are a major area for learning, development and social contact for all, and people with disabilities in particular. Many leisure activities give health benefits.

Platform Access

Platform access is provided via an organiser web portal for information entry, a personalized end-user app for information retrieval, and an API for integration from other vendors.

Picture Communication Symbols

The platform includes Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) provided by Tobii Dynavox, our preferred technology content partner.


Access to app functions and information is individually defined per user. Examples of personal settings are:

  • information level (full text, easy-to-read text, no text)
  • preferred language
  • symbol display (on/off), can be combined with text
  • automatic text-to-speech (on/off)
  • number of days ahead visible in the activity calendar
  • my groups, ie which activities I participate in or are interested in. Events for my groups are automatically displayed in my activity calendar.


All activities are classified into type of disability. With the app one can thus search for activities for e.g. people with intellectual disabilities, visual impairment or hearing impairment.

It is also possible to search for type of activity (outdoor activities, football, riding, singing, dancing, and a lot of other activities) as well as any offers within a municipality or a county.

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