SOFTEL Cloud Security Management

SOFTEL Communications Inc.

SOFTEL's Cloud Security Management is a solution which greatly enhances O365 Security Policies.

SOFTEL's Cloud Security Management allows users to: Identify Shadow IT Applications, Run Awareness Campaigns, Run Password Security Campaigns,  Monitor, Report & Score Security, Monitor & Track Attackers, Run Active Anti-Virus Campaigns, Lock Down Desktop Applications, Apply User Data Classifications and Monitor End User Security, through;

SHADOW IT– find apps previously unknown to IT | SIMULATIONS – email phishing attacks to raise awareness | PASSWORD SPRAY– attacks to secure credentials | SECURE SCORE– understand and mediate vulnerabilities | HONEY POT – trap potential attackers (monitored) | ANTIVIRUS – setup with active monitoring and mitigation | DEVICE GUARD – users can only install approved apps | DATA CLASSIFICATION – setup user data classifications
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