Spectrum Customization Platform


Spectrum Product Customization Platform

With Spectrum, everyone's a product designer. From WebGL product design through factory integration, Spectrum is the only end-to-end solution for product customization.

Spectrum with WebGL technology delivers an unmatched user experience. 360-degree 3D product visualization lets users see their creation with true-to-life color, texture, scale and fit. Every surface, curve, edge, contour, shadow and reflection are represented in a hyper-tactile visualization that is second to none in the world of customization. This isn’t just technology, it’s art.

Our dedicated factory integration specialists collaborate with brand ERP, manufacturing and business analysts to guarantee a successful launch. Starting at the planning phase, we make the implementation process seamless at every level.

The Spectrum platform is built to handle the demands of a wide variety of product categories and printing techniques. Whether you’re in apparel, footwear or hard goods, our team is skilled at configuring factory printers so the custom product your user receives is true to what they saw on their screen.

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