uCallManager for Teams

Universal IT B.V.

Intelligent Communications SAAS solution to bring contactcenter functionality to Teams

Microsoft Teams is already heavily used in many organizations for chat, peer to peer calling and conferencing. The next step is to integrate telephony into Microsoft Teams by adding Phone System features to Office 365.

uCallManager brings telephony to a higher level. uCallManager offers advanced call routing options based on presence:

  • Direct routing to Office 365 (bring your own trunk or port your numbers to the Universal network).
  • Flexibility in assigning phone numbers and stamping caller ID.
  • Call Detail Records.
  • Realime wallboard features to display status of active queues.
  • PowerBI Reporting on servicelevels.
  • Integration with MS Shifts.
  • Integration with your CRM/ERP/Support application (rich card displaying your application data).

Existing phone numbers can be used with uCallManager or new phonenumbers can be added for your organization. We service over 50 countries worldwide. A calling plan is not needed. uCallManager brings free unlimited interconnection, you only pay for outbound calls to the geographical (mobile/fixed) network.

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