Userlane - Instant Software Adoption

Large organizations today spend a lot of time and resources to increase the speed of software adoption and utilization. Traditional training methods such as manuals, videos, and onsite training take a lot of time, are costly and not flexible enough to enable and maintain true digital adoption at scale.

Userlane transforms software adoption by guiding users in real-time through any browser-based process. Operating directly within the live application, Userlane enables employees to instantly master any new software and feature updates without previous knowledge or formal training.

Userlane is the fastest and most flexible way to deliver in-software guidance and support for all digital products. Large organizations have increased the usage of their software by up to 80% and cut the rollout period of new technologies by half. Userlane delivers real-time guidance at less than 30% of the cost of traditional training solutions such as manuals or in-person training.

Userlane works with all browser-based software such as Salesforce, SAP Cloud for Customer, Success Factors, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Teams, and JIRA.
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