UST Global

Frictionless Checkout -“The New Omni-channel Experience”

UST Introduces real time accurate inventory management and frictionless Shopping for Apparel and General Merchandise using and RFID Technology & RTLS. An IoT technology integrated with Azure platform for Frictionless Checkout enabling zero waiting time in checkout lanes leading to outstanding customer experience and better than the online purchase experience while accurate inventory brings strategic advantages to supply chains. 

There is a growing evidence showing that retailers’ inventory records tends to be inaccurate to a significant extent (on an average 54% of the SKUs have wrong inventory levels for apparel retailers). Higher the inventory record inaccuracy, the higher the impact on sales. Research shows that accurate inventory can lead to a 4%-6% sales uplift. Using RFID technology can increase inventory accuracy up to 99%.
Technology -
  • Integrated RFC Reader + Bi-Directional Steerable Phased Array Antenna
  • Azure Cloud Services 


  • Better store replenishment
  • Get rid of out of stock problem with accurate real-time inventory
  • Reduce Stock depth and thus inventory holding cost
  • Stop non authorized sales
  • Easy warranty tracking
  • Monitor product throughout product life cycle, understand and fix the issues related to the product
  • Self-Checkout giving unparalleled experience to the customer
  • Working as an antitheft device
Features -
  • Frictionless Fast checkout 
  • Smart fitting rooms
  • Anti-theft
  • Click & Collect 
  • Instant Sale Forecasting

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