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Get Better at Sales
The 1st AI platform to focus on Sales Success using Performance Analytics

How does hitgoalz help you succeed at Sales? 
hitgoalz measures your sales performance and gives you actionable advice on how to improve.

Measure how good your Sales game is hitgoalz measures your Sales performance for different skills (like Prospecting, Time Management and Accountability), giving you a personal PPI score.

Get insights on what you can improve Based on your PPI, the system prioritizes your Sales activities with detailed breakdown in real-time as to what will put you near your goal. 
Get Motivated along your journey 
Our leaderboard and celebrations of small wins motivate sales persons to keep pushing performance boundaries.

Hitgoalz key features
To help you realize your utmost Sales potential, we provide multiple tools that will allow you to analyze and evaluate your Sales game from multiple angles.

What’s PPI? 
The Peak Performance Index (PPI) uses machine learning algorithms to measure and evaluate your performance in real-time with respect to Key Sales Behavior. The results are presented in a visual diagram so you can immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus on specific aspects of your Sales play and improve your results. data and making it actionable for sales managers.

Why Gamification?
Sales is function of skill and activity. Gamification embodies this the best by providing an efficient system which drives the right sales behavior. The rewards and recognition elements of the Gamification serves as motivation for higher performance.

Personal Dashboard
Tracking your progress over time is one of the most critical aspects of consistent improvement. Your Personal Dashboard not only helps you understand your development, but also helps you set goals, take notes, and share your personal growth with your peers. The feature gives you plenty of filtering options, such as time period, sales quests and teams.

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