WordFinder Unlimited

Wordfinder Software International AB

Dictionary service (SaaS) for anyone reading, writing and communicating in a foreign language.

WordFinder Unlimited is a subscription-based dictionary service. Some have called it the Spotify for Dictionaries. WordFinder Unlimited includes more than 500 dictionaries in 26 languages and there are more dictionaries coming all the time. To see all the dictionaries included today go to

You can subscribe monthly or annually. WordFinder Unlimited also includes a number of applications that you can download to your computer (macOS and Windows), smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android). The dictionaries are also accessible via your web browser and included is also a Chrome Extension that works with the browsers Chrome and Edge. You can search the dictionaries online or offline. This means that you always have access to the dictionaries, regardless of if you are at home, at work or traveling. Fast, simple and flexible!

To see 10 things you need to know about WordFinder Unlimited go to

The desktop application WordFinder for Windows works interactively with all other Windows Applications and you can use the application both Online and Offline. It is a perfect Add-On to Office 365. WordFinder Unlimited is also supporting SSO with Azure.

WordFinder Unlimited - For anyone reading, writing and communicating in a foreign language!
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