Zegami Machine Learning Suite


End-to-end imaging AI tools and consultancy services for healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing

Deliver explainable imaging AI faster and more accurately

Interested in applying AI to your image analysis and increasing the accuracy of your machine learning models?

Zegami offers a full-stack service, enabling data scientists, clinicians and engineers in the healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing industries, to deliver explainable imaging AI with greater precision and efficiency.  Our Machine Learning Suite becomes your data science plug-in, to create, enhance and validate machine learning models that will drive your business or project forwards. 

Using Zegami you will be able to rapidly categorise, label and clean large image datasets, invaluable for many applications including training machine learning models. Zegami was developed so that it could be used to visualise other kinds of data in addition to images, including video, documents or more traditional data sources like databases and spreadsheets. 

How do organisations use Zegami for imaging AI?

Zegami can provide support at every stage of your machine learning workflow, from data preparation through to model deployment and continuous improvement. Our customers use Zegami for:
  • Feasibility studies - Define outcomes of value and develop proof of concept to demonstrate efficacy
  • Prototyping - Functional application proving viability to stakeholders
  • Developing & deploying models - Move from prototype to MVP, deployed in production
  • Managed support - Ongoing support, instrumentation and monitoring. Identifying signs of data drift and model retraining
  • Certification - Validation studies and AI explainability support
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