AgriERP Solution Discovery: 2 WK Assessment

Folio3 Software Inc.,

Get your Agri-Business evaluated by Dynamics 365 Certified experts & Consultants having 15+ years of experience. Their insights and solutions proposed will help you make the right decision.

Review, discuss, understand, and get a road map of all the specific features related to AgriERP Solution. We’ll walk you through all the individual modules, customizations, dashboards, and the entire solution to determine the fit for your organization. We will answer questions, understand your business problems, and review your current requirements.

AgriERP is a Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain based ERP solution for businesses that belong to the Agri Industry. The solution is tailor-made to cater to all the needs of an Agri Business from crop planning and harvesting to inventory management and supply chain.

The solution provides end-to-end transformation allowing you to automate your business processes, save time and resources, improve business performance, and make informed decisions.


  • Identify your business needs and how AgriERP Solution can help you
  • Identify processes and departments within your organization and how AgriERP Solution will help in streamlining and syncing those processes and departments
  • Discuss your business pain points and solutions Folio3 can provide
  • Demonstrate key attributes, functions, and capabilities of AgriERP
  • Showcase different integration options and Apps that are a part of AgriERP Solution. The salient features that will be explored during the discovery are:
  1. Farm and field structure mapping.
  2. Farm planning process
  3. Farm Operations and execution process
  4. Farm tracking and control process
  5. Farm Supply Chain
  6. Farm Packhouse
  7. Farm Logistics
  8. Farm operational reporting
  9. Farm tracking reports
  10. Farm Financial Reporting


  1. Detailed Fit/Gap Analysis Worksheet
  2. Solution Design Document
  3. Project Plan - Road Map
  4. Project Estimations – Commercials

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