by a-solutions

Simplify payroll and streamline HR processes

a-Pay, powered by a-solutions, is a payroll application designed for customers running Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Easy to use with setup wizards, planners and groups, it manages the entire payroll process and integrates seamlessly with other standalone Dynamics 365 modules. The payroll process is a critical element within the HCM practice, tackling different aspects including standard payroll calculation, end of service, proration for salary due to changes in the amount, as well as benefits, incentives, pension calculation and interactions with the employee on the self-service portal. 

a-Pay is localized for many markets and there is a clear roadmap for the product. It is designed to serve companies from the GCC region as well as companies located in East, West and North Africa. It has regular legislative updates and country-specific legislative reporting. 

Other features included are visual leave planner, document renewals, leave travel management, loan management, encashment management, WPS compliance.


Automated payroll process

a-Pay allows organizations to calculate deductions and additions, pensions, and other benefits for all employees in compliance with local laws. The process is user friendly and timesaving. The calculation of salaries unfolds in three simple steps.

Simple accrual plans

a-Pay enables companies to provide accurate accrual calculations for all kinds of accrual plans with simple formulas. 

Revamped leave management system

Employees have the option to plan their leaves. Superiors have access to the plans and can therefore check the availability of their staff and resources. 

Complete loan management

The loan management feature enables employees to request loans from their employers. The advanced functionality assists in managing all types of loan requests, deposits and amounts of installments.

HR service request generation

Through a-Pay, the staff can submit HR service requests. The application generates different kinds of salary certificates and letters.

Seamless integration with Dynamics 365

There is a direct integration of a-Pay with the Dynamics 365 HR module as well with the Finance module (General Ledger, Journals, etc.).

Advanced reporting and analytics

a-Pay allows CTC report generation, based on Power BI analytics. 

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