Office Compass

by ScienceSoft Inc.

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Office Compass displays a detailed office plan and employees’ locations right on a SharePoint page.

As a client web part of your SharePoint solution, the Office Compass add-in displays an actual plan of your office as well as employees working places. The add-in enables authorized users to set their locations by changing County, City, Address, Floor and Room parameters and by moving the pointer to a selected place on the office plan. Using the add-in, employees can find their colleagues’ locations via the SharePoint intranet they use.

To configure Office Compass, please fill the SharePoint configuration lists with the relevant data.

1. Add office addresses to the Office Addresses list.

2. Add an office plan to the Picture library.

3. Add an office description to the Maps list.

4. Add a client web part to a SharePoint page.

Once you enable the add-in, users can set up their locations following these 4 easy steps:

1. Click Edit.

2. Set your country, city, address, floor and room.

3. Move the red pointer to show your location on the office plan.

4. Click Save.

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