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Efficiently analyze and compare data distributions | Power BI Certified

Box and Whisker Chart by MAQ Software

Delve into the depths of data distribution with the Box and Whisker Chart by MAQ Software. With the Box and Whisker Chart, you can easily visualize the median, mean, quartiles, standard deviation, and outliers of your data. Compare large data sets within a compact format. Identify patterns, trends, and anomalies with ease. Whether it's understanding sales trends or analyzing project outputs, our chart simplifies complex data analysis.

Key benefits

  • Versatile category display: Visualize broad categories like geographic regions alongside specific data sets such as individual products.
  • Orientation options: Choose between horizontal or vertical layouts to suit reporting needs.
  • Customizable data points: Differentiate mean icons and other data points with shapes like circles, squares, and rectangles.
  • Improved tooltip support: Gain insights with comprehensive report tooltips.

What's new (Version 4.0.0)

  • Context menu integration: Improved user interaction with added context menu support.

Use cases

  • Sales teams: Contrast quarterly sales across regions or demographics (i.e., use Box and Whisker Chart to show how much revenue you have generated from different products, regions, or channels, compared to your sales targets).
  • Project Managers: Assess work output following significant process changes (i.e., use Box and Whisker Chart to show how productive your operations are in delivering quality products or services, compared to your operational targets).
  • Product Developers: Compare process outcomes to optimize speed, accuracy, and functionality (i.e., use Box and Whisker Chart to show how the time, cost, and performance of different development methods vary, and choose the optimal method for your app).
  • Financial services: Track budget consumption against allocated budgets for the year or quarter (i.e., use Box and Whisker Chart to show how much of your annual or quarterly budget you have spent on different expenses, such as salaries, rent, utilities, etc.).

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