AskCody Room and Desk Booking

by AskCody

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Frictionless room and desk booking. Manage meetings smarter and improve the workplace experience

Manage Meetings Smarter and achieve Meeting Excellence with AskCody

AskCody is the Outlook and Microsoft 365 centric Modern Workplace Platform that accommodates all organizational aspects of meetings, reducing the organizational load by minimizing the number of hours spent per employee on organizing and scheduling meetings, while increasing operational efficiency. The AskCody Platform eliminates office friction, improves productivity, and optimizes workplace utilization.

AskCody provides one unified solution for Meeting Management built for Outlook and Microsoft 365 helping organizations achieve meeting excellence. The solution helps global companies and organizations to simplify administrative tasks making daily life easier managing the workplace, including meeting management, providing workplace visibility, and connecting the work environment.

The AskCody Workplace Platform and our add-ons are driving massive efficiencies through a more modern solution than what was historically done with manual processes or a handful of point solutions. We are big believers that businesses are making a massive shift from manual processes and point solutions to technology solutions that help transform cross-organizational processes, productivity and drive operational efficiency to optimize the way the workplace is managed and how people meet, work, and collaborate.

AskCody is the platform that enables and empowers that transition with ease while keeping your IT infrastructure clean, and leverage and inherits what you already have: Your Microsoft Exchange and Outlook/Microsoft 365 platform in place.

AskCody Room and Desk Booking

The AskCody room booking features for Outlook and Microsoft 365 are essential booking tools for any size business requiring a full-featured booking functionality of both meeting rooms, conference rooms, workstations, desks, amenities, and all workplace resources natively integrated with Outlook and Microsoft 365.

Feature highlights:

  • Room and desk booking and scheduling in native Outlook Add-in
  • Mobile App (iOS + Android) for room and desk booking
  • Room booking regulation and booking policies
  • Advanced search for specific rooms, amenities, and capabilities
  • Capacity configuration and optimization
  • Maximum allowed capacity for Social Distancing and COVID-19 compliance
  • Workplace Insights and advanced analytics and reporting

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